IMPORTANT NOTICE : we are only able to ship products to the USA and the UK – we apologise for any inconvenience. Your product may take 2 – 4 weeks to arrive

Our shipping times generally vary between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on your location. Because we ship products from international warehouses, your product may have to travel overseas to reach you and will end up at your doorstep in under 4 weeks.

Where can you ship to?

We currently ship all our products to the USA and the UK.

Is shipping free?

YES! All our products are shipped for free to the USA and the UK. The price you see is the price you pay.

I’ve ordered my product. What now?

You don’t have to do a thing because we ship to the USA and UK at no extra cost. Orders may take a day to process but are then shipped the next working day.

You will receive an email confirming that your product has been shipped. If you wish to further track your product, then get in touch and we’ll reply back with your order’s status.

Where is my product? It hasn’t arrived after 4 weeks of waiting

If this has occurred, get in contact with us and we’ll try to resolve the issue. Due to the uncertainties of international shipping, it is possible that your product has been lost or sent to the wrong address. If this has happened, you are entitled to a full refund as outlined in ourĀ Refund Policy. You can send a request for a refund via our Refund Request form.